Vet Express Heros

Meet Dr John Tunarose and Marie of Vet Express. The kitten is Sox, who was rescued by one of our volunteers at KittyCatz. He was found in a drain, injured andmalnourished. Sox is one of the many kittens we have cared for this year, most recent cases have come from Vet Express responding to help from concerned visitors and residents. We have a collection tin at Vet Express so if you happen to be in the area with a pocket full of pesky small change we would be grateful to receive them. I’m happy to count those 1 cents out and put them in the blister tubes! We can only care for kittens we have the funds for. Although we are a charity, services are not free, we cannot over burden our resources. Afterall, your local vet is a small business too. We are only a small but effective team of rescuers, and don’t require thousands of euros to continue our life saving work. I am asking that you join our Teaming scheme which costs 1 euro each month which goes to Vet Express. Many of us, have not had a euro go into our bank account, never mind have one spare for rescued kittens. If you can help, at the moment, combined with our other Teamers we can ensure we have credit in our KittyCatz account, You can also donate to Vet Express via








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