Update: 18/06/20

These 2 beauties are waiting to be adopted at Vet Express Vet centre today.
During the normal working hours, you can pop along to meet them, both females, approx. 6/7 weeks old & they both love human kisses & cuddles. Adopting a Kittycatz kitten is an easy process & Vet Express will answer any questions etc. Plus all Kittycatz kittens are adopted with a trial period in your home.

A big thank you must be given to “Graham Webb Photography” who very kindly offered to take these superb, professional photos of our fur babies. Graham takes photos of peoples’ pets & you can find his amazing work on:
Facebook Graham Webb Photography
Email: grahamwebbphotography@gmail.com
Graham has really captured how cute these 2 are & we all know how difficult it is to photograph a lively kitten!


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