Minnie is sick

This beautiful momma is in a bad way.
Minnie has always had her sweet little head tilt which is caused by a neurological problem. As she was still able to lead a normal cat mum life, it was little cause for concern.
Since giving birth the the ‘minis’ ? Minnie herself was a little underweight, as she was being a top mama feeding her little ones so well it did not initially seem as though it was a serious problem.

How things change ??
Her results were not what we hoped they would be, she’s now severely underweight and suffering incontinence ?
We’re super fortunate to have some experienced experts who volunteer for KittyCatz in order to care for her in the best way HOWEVER… treatment is neither free nor cheap ?
➡️ By PayPal supportus@kittycatz.net (donations go straight to our vets)
➡️ Donations of food, litter and kitten milk: We can collect or they can be left @vetexpress.
➡️ By donating just 1e a month to our teaming account. https://www.teaming.net/kittycatz-vetexpresstenerife This can be done from any currency from anywhere in the world ?
➡️ By purchasing something from our virtual shop www.kittycatz.net/virtual-shop/ ?
Your donation, whatever the amount, means the world to us and for some felines it is the difference between living to fight another day ?❤️? @ Tenerife









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