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We have a regular coloum now in the Canarian Weekly but for those of you not able to get hold of a copy below is our article in full. We’ll now post it each week on here. As ever we are very grateful to all those at the Canarian Weekly that allow room for our articles. If you can’t get a copy of the paper remember that it can be read on line. Click on the link at the top right hand side of their website and choose the addition you want to read.

KittyCatz is now in its second year and has gone from strength to strength, there is certainly the need for an organisation to help the most sick and vulnerable cats and kittens of Tenerife. The first few months we had no money and very little in the way of donations which was hard for us but what we did have was plenty of enthusiasm and years of experience nursing cats and kittens. We try to help other charities as much as possible who don’t have the volunteers available or who have volunteers but not those with the experience required. Our first sick kitten came from another charity who asked us to help. She had a terrible eye infection which needed months of care but sadly subsequently one of the eyes needed to be removed. At the same time we received our first donation of kitten milk and some fleece bedding so we cut up a small piece of the fleece blanket to make her a little jacket to keep her warm before she was due her surgery. She was eventually adopted into a wonderful home and is happy and healthy. Not all cases have a happy ending however. If you are following us on Facebook, you may recall the story about Sara who came to us before Christmas from a holiday complex. She was found confused and bumping into walls with a huge cyst on her face. It transpired that she was blind and very poorly. The jelly cyst was removed but she suffered some serious seizures at her foster home and was sadly put to sleep. What’s most important though is that she spent her final days being loved, treated, fed and in a clean bed, not crawling with fleas and eating food from bins. Not all cases have a happy ending but we do our best to help cats and kittens most in need. You can support us by liking our Facebook page following the news on our website and attending our events. Donations of food, litter or money can also be made to Vet Express behind Gran Sur, every little helps. We would like to thank everyone who started the journey with us and those who have joined us along the way. We are very proud of how far we have come with the support of old friends and new. Now in our second year we have plenty of news stories on our website together with an online shop. Our Facebook page is growing and we have had several very successful fundraising events and more planned for 2020. Follow us on Facebook





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