Kittens from Live Paws

These 4 babies are less than a week old!
After 2 days of failed attempts, we managed to get the mother although she is WILD and will not look after her kittens whilst in care.
With no idea when she last fed them, the litter are now being bottle fed round the clock to ensure their health and survival by one of our wonderful volunteers ?
Mama bear is to be neutered ?

High quality kitten milk, litter and food is NOT cheap… If you’re fortunate enough to be able to support our work, you can so do via the following- ➡️By PayPal (donations go straight to our vets)
➡️ Donations of food, litter and kitten milk: We can collect or they can be left @vetexpress.
➡️ By donating just 1e a month to our teaming account. This can be done from any currency from anywhere in the world ?
➡️ By purchasing something from our virtual shop ?

Your donation, whatever the amount, means the world to us and for some felines it is the difference between living to fight another day… So from the bottom of our furry paws… THANK YOU ??❤️ #kittycatz_tenerife#tenerife #rescuekittens #help #support #donate













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