Canvas Creativity

Have you ever wondered what old terrace canvas blinds can be used for when they’re replaced? Possibly not, but our volunteers have had some great ideas to help the kittens in our care with it. One of our valued sponsors, Andrew Hartley of Lightening Signs and Blinds, provides us with many metres of used canvas. It’s extremely hard wearing and our volunteers make shopping bags which are strong enough to carry heavy tins without the handles breaking and sell them to raise funds. A great purchase, as long as you like stripes! They are extremely popular, but most of the material is used by our carers for our intake of foster babies. KittyCatz volunteers make little beds for sick kittens and we are ever mindful of spreading disease from kitten to kitten so these durable beds can be boiled and bleached several time ready for the next visitor. The beds are specially made to keep our patients safe, we don’t want them rolling out during rehabilitation. They have been through enough in their tiny lives without damaging their fragile limbs. Recently we had three kittens who had ringworm which is highly contagious so we had to throw away their green striped beds after each treatment. We used six of our canvas beds that month so thank you Andrew for the continued supply of canvas. Did you know ringworm isn’t actually a worm, it’s a fungal infection which looks like scales, mostly in the shape of a ring, hence the name. If there are several kittens sharing the same space they will surely catch it and it takes six weeks of treatment to cure and the treatment is expensive. It can infect humans too so we have to be extra vigilant with our cleaning routines and washing everywhere and everything the kitten has touched, so no kissing their cute faces! It’s best to wear gloves to contain the spread, especially if you have your own cats like most of our volunteers do. As an extra precaution, where there’s an outbreak we shower in a special treatment gel. It’s a really pretty colour pink, but don’t let that fool you, it stinks! After six weeks of treatment, the foster kittens are no longer cute balls of fluff which most people want when they adopt so they very often lose their opportunity of being adopted in Tenerife. Thankfully we do sometimes find loving homes with our partners in Germany. More of that in a future edition. Follow our work on Facebook or our website




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