10 Kittens

We have 10 kittens that have been removed from a vicinity after being found in horrendous health.

A further 10 more adolescents need to be caught, treated and neutered.

The kittens health issues that we have in care are:
Eye problems,
Ulcerated mouths,
Ear mites.
Secondary chest infections
One had fly larvae burrowing into his skin because he was too weak to do anything about it.

Hungry, exhausted and dehydrated the kittens are unable to feed by themselves due to the amount of congestion in the nasal passages.

?Fed via syringe a small amount every 2 hours
?Eye drops every 2 hours
?Clearing airways every 2 hours
?One kitten has to be given fluids under the skin.

As soon as they are strong enough they will be bathed to clear the remaining debris from their coats. However there is a strong possibility that 2 of the kittens will be blind.

Here they are having their first good meal.

Here they are just rescued.








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