10 Days to a Miracle


10 days.
10 days since this baby was rescued (a long with others) from an awful site here in Tenerife.
10 days is was what changed this kittens life from riddled with fleas, worms and headed for a lifetime of blindness ? to a happy, healthy fluff ball with good vision ?

10 cents to 10 euros can be the difference between life and death for the kitties in our care. This is why we simply could not do our work without YOUR support and all help is so greatly appreciated ?❤️

You can do this by one of the following options-

➡️ By PayPal supportus@kittycatz.net (donations go straight to our vets)
➡️ Donations of food, litter and kitten milk: We can collect or they can be left @vetexpress.
➡️ By donating just 1e a month to our teaming account. https://www.teaming.net/kittycatz-vetexpresstenerife This can be done from any currency from anywhere in the world ?
➡️ By purchasing something from our virtual shop www.kittycatz.net/virtual-shop/ ? #kittycatz_tenerife #tenerife #help#support #donate #thankyou @ Tenerife









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